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dekolette > fadeintosleep


dekolette -> fadeintosleep

This blog will not be deleted so all those graphics/reblogs are not going anywhere ;)

Changing accounts

Just wanted to give you guys a warning that I’m about to change accounts. 

This blog isn’t going anywhere though. I’m not going to delete it, I’ll just abandon it. The ask feature will also be disabled.

I just really need a fresh start. My reblog/liking system was going on my nerves, I want to change the tags on my graphics posts but I don’t want spent hours reorganizing everything when setting up a new account is just easier. 

So, I’ll re-follow everyone later today. I might also like a shitload of posts and reblog some posts that I already reblogged with my old account this weekend so consider yourself warned. 

Oh, I’ll probably use the same icon/layout as well so it’s not all too confusing.

My new account, if you want to follow me:



HARVEY: I’m sorry; that’s unfair to rat’s asses.

No more runnin’. I aim to misbehave.

Poster Meme: Suits - Errors and Omissions (Poster 1)
(asked by stefmylife)

Daniel Radcliffe’s Scary Secrets



Before you defend Chris Brown, let alone support him, read the police report of what happened between him and Rihanna in 2009.

If you like Chris Brown, if you listen to his music, if you watch him on tv, if you look him up online, if any of your friends do the same and you’re okay with it? I’m not okay with you.

#if you support chris brown chances are I don’t care for you as a person