I get it. There are trends on Tumblr all the time. Washed out effect, Topaz effect, old frames w/ black/white images or images with muted colors, Text “textures” with lines above/below text etc etc.

So far I think I able to live with it. I may not have liked it (most of the time) but I didn’t really mind seeing them on my dash unless my dash was full of it

This new “3D” effect that is currently going around however? AWFUL. It makes my eyes hurt. I don’t understand this trend. Even worse are these graphics that not only have this 3D effect, nope, they also have a dark gradient on top and a grungy texture so you can’t even recognize people anymore. 

I know. You either get it and like it or you don’t. I don’t get it. I never will. I’m ready for the next trend to show up. 


  1. movedto-stilesune said: I think the new trend is beginning to crop up already - colorizations of desaturated images. I’ve been seeing that growing in frequency this week. Thankfully, ‘cause I hated the 3D effect too.
  2. mastervainglorious said: The fuck is a 3d trend?
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