Jax: I know this is all my fault.
Tara: No, it’s not, Jax. This had to happen.
Jax: What are you talking about?
Tara: Fate. We’re supposed to be together, right? But you can’t leave here.
Jax: I am leaving here. With you.
Tara: No. The club won’t let you. Gemma won’t let you. Charming won’t let you. The only way I can be with you is if I lose my way out. I lost that tonight, baby. I have a dead hand. No one will want me now. I’ll never save another life again. I’ll never fix a tiny heart.
Jax: Don’t do this—
Tara: It’s okay, ‘cause now we can be together. You, me, Gemma. Happy family, here in Charming. Maybe I should smash my other hand, that way I can just stay at home, be a mom, raise your babies.
Jax: Tara, stop, don’t do that.
Tara: You should leave now.
Jax: Baby, I’m sorry.
Tara: I can’t see you - anyone. Please, Jax, go. Go! Go! GO!


Shows I enjoyed in 2011 |Sons of Anarchy Season 4

I found myself lost in my own club. I trusted few, feared most. I didn’t know if leaving would cure or kill this thing we created. I didn’t know if it was an act of strength or cowardice. I didn’t know, so I stayed. I stayed because, in the end, the only way I could hold this up was to suffer under the weight of it. 


“Walking away from my club is one thing, but letting it die… I can’t. It’s part of me.”

Sons of Anarchy 4.14, To Be (Act 2)

What are you doing?
Everything you taught me.


“I know how dangerous secrets can be. And it’s time we all knew the truth.”

Sons of Anarchy 4.13, To Be (Act 1)

It’s a blood thinner. Inject it into his IV line and pull the tube from his chest, he’ll bleed into his lungs and drown. It’ll happen quick. It’ll just look like he pulled it out in his sleep.